BNamelogoWelcome to the Bradmoor Neighborhood Association website. Started in 2012, the volunteer-run association is up and running and encourages all residents to join the association. The goal of the association is to help create a greater sense of community through events that bring neighbors together and to improve the community through safety, beautification, and other improvement projects.
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News of Note:

New BNA Board.  The BNA membership present at the March 20th annual neighborhood meeting elected, by voice vote, the following Bradmoor residents for two-year terms:  Andrew Pessin, President; Sally Pessin, Secretary; Morgan Fishman, At-Large Member; and Ben Jabara, At-Large Member.  These residents join incumbents Stephanie Mantelmacher, Vice-President; Kathleen Stetson, Treasurer; and Koli Banik, At-Large Member.  The new board held its first meeting on April 4th (Board meeting minutes are available under the Meeting Minutes tab).

Partnership with Bradley Hills Village.  The BNA enjoys its continued partnership with the intergenerational community of Bradley Hills Village (BHV).  Bradmoor is one of the neighborhoods included within the BHV service area and many Bradmoor residents are members of BHV.  BHV is premised upon neighbors helping neighbors through social, educational, and recreational activities.  BHV volunteers help others with transportation, friendly visits, errands and basic household tasks.  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the BHV has the authority to grant SSL hours to students who wish to volunteer.   For more information, please visit the BHV website at www.bradleyhillsvillage.weebly.com. 

Approval of Bradmoor Drive/Roosevelt Street Traffic Circle.  The BNA membership present at the March 20th meeting voted, by voice vote, to approve the installation of a  at the intersection of Bradmoor Drive and Roosevelt Street.  On April 12, 2017 MCDOT provided the BNA Traffic and Safety Committee with revised plans for the traffic circle.  Construction of traffic circle is expected to begin in September or October of 2017.  For other BNA Traffic and Safety Committee activities, please see the Traffic and Safety Committee tab of this website.


Membership in BNA is only $20/year per household.  The neighborhood boundaries shown on this website were conservatively drawn in 2012 and may not encompass the entire neighborhood.  If your property tax records indicate that your residence is in Bradmoor, then you are a Bradmoor resident.  For those Bradmoor residents who are not current members, you can join the BNA by check or through Paypal, Click here to join. 

The BNA uses the annual fees to cover the costs of neighborhood-wide events such as the annual neighborhood block party (usually held in the early summer) and the Halloween party, and to pay for fees to host the BNA website and membership in the Montgomery County Civic Federation.

Page last updated on September 2, 2017.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi

    My name is Maria Cucullu , a resident since 1976, at 8713 Bradmoor Dr.

    I am not a member, but I m ready to become one

    RIght now I am in need of some advice in how to preceed regarding the new house at 8715 Bradmoor

    apparently it is finish and I just realize that there are two windows facing my two bedrooms windows

    I almost sure this are out of code since I have lost all my privacy .

    I do not now to make sure they are out of code and do not now to whom approached

    I would very much appreciate if someone can contact me


    Maria Cucullu

    • Hi Maria,

      I’m the acting president of the BNA. Right now we a in a bit of a transition period. We would love to have you join the BNA and I may be able to offer some advice on your situation regarding your neighbor. Please note, however, that the BNA is not a homeowners association and it does not have any zoning or permitting authority. As I am not particularly tech savvy, the best way to communicate would either be by email. Please email me at aspess12@gmail.com.

      Thank you,

      Andrew Pessin
      Acting President, BNA

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