BNamelogoWelcome to the Bradmoor Neighborhood Association website. Started in 2012, the volunteer-run association is up and running and encourages all residents to join the association. The goal of the association is to help create a greater sense of community through events that bring neighbors together and to improve the community through safety, beautification, and other improvement projects.
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News of Note:

  • Conversation with Councilmember Hans Riemer & 2015 Annual Meeting

    RiemerWith many neighbors actively engaged, the Conversation with Councilmember Hans Riemer covered a lot of ground from snow removal, to the purple line, to a pesticides ban, to changing liquor sales, and more. There was something for everyone and the Councilmember received a lot of great feedback.During the Annual Meeting that immediately followed we briefly discussed the status of the Association and our accomplishments over the last year. The 2014 Annual Report can be found here.

    Congratulations to the new BNA Board members who were elected: Scott Bruton, President; Steve Borko, Treasurer; Koli Banik, Secretary; Gwenn Klingler, At-large; Stephanie Mantelmacher, At-large.

    Lastly a heartfelt thank you goes to to Jed Meline, Laura Hayes-Heuer and Mara Walker for their two or more years of service on the BNA Board working on behalf of our community. Their contributions helped get the Association off the ground and on solid footing and will continue to bear fruit for many years to come.

  • Time to Join Your Bradmoor Neighborhood Association!

    It’s a 2015 resolution you can do early! Joining BNA will keep you informed and enable you to engage in your community through social events and specific efforts to make Bradmoor an even greater place to live. Be a part of it!
    Membership in BNA is only $20/year per household (paying in Nov or Dec 2014 covers all of 2015).
    Click here to join. 

  • October Update: Traffic Survey Results

    In July of this year, BNA conducted a survey of the members and those on the neighborhood listserv to determine opinions regarding the county proposal to address some of the traffic and safety issues previously identified. A summary of the results of the survey is below and the complete results can be found here .

    Bradmoor Drive

    Roosevelt Intersection: Respondents supported a four-way stop at this intersection (72% for, 18% against) and, to a lesser degree the installation of a traffic circle (53% for and 38% against). Respondents did not support curb extensions at the Roosevelt intersection (42% for, 47% against)

    Madison Intersection: Respondents supported raised crosswalks at this intersection (63% for, 21% against) and to a lesser degree the curb extensions (57% for and 38% against)

    Bradmoor Mid-block near 8715: Respondents supported a traffic island mid-block near 8715 (56% for and 24% against). Respondents were mixed about curb extensions mid-block near 8715 (49% for and 24% against).

    Folkstone Intersection: Respondents supported raised crosswalks at this intersection (62% for and 20% against) and also, to a lesser degree, the curb extensions (53% for and 38% against)

    McKinley Street

    Respondents supported a four way stop at the intersection of McKinley and Irvington (75% for, 19% against).

    Respondents supported a four way stop at the intersection of McKinley and Hempstead (77% for, 14% against).

    Respondents supported a four way stop at the intersection of McKinley and Rayburn (62% for and 15% against).

    Next Steps Regarding Traffic

    The Traffic and Safety Committee along with a Board representative met with County officials from the Transportation department to discuss the results of the survey and explore next steps. The County explained that none of the intersections in question meet the minimum criteria for stop signs and that there was little flexibility in this regard. They also clarified that raised cross-walks require the same process as speed bumps (80% approval of residents on the street affected). Following the discussion and based on the Survey results, the Traffic and Safety Committee and the BNA Board agreed on the following recommendations for the County captured in two separate letters, one letter regarding Bradmoor Drive and one letter regarding McKinley Street.

    For the intersection of Bradmoor and Roosevelt, we asked that the County proceed to develop designs for a traffic circle and that the designs should take into account not only the speed and volume issues at that intersection, but also work to address safety issues including visibility.

    For the stretch of Bradmoor between Madison and Greentree, we asked that they develop additional design ideas for a “system” that might more aggressively slow speed by mixing curb extensions with islands while maintaining the neighborhood feel.

    For McKinley Street, because the County’s study results fall just below the cut off levels for action, we requested high level political support for an exception that would allow the installation of stops signs, to provide funding for the installation of traffic circles, or to develop some other intervention at those intersections.

    The Traffic and Safety Committee is continuing to work on these issues and would welcome additional members. If you would like to be involved, please contact committee chair, Kathleen Stetson.

  • Annual Meeting Recap: Great Conversation

Berliner for webCongratulations to our newest BNA Board Members, Kathleen Stetson and Neha Dhir as well as returning Board member Mara Walker, who were elected at the annual meeting on Jan. 29.  Councilmember Roger Berliner spoke at the meeting, where we discussed zoning and the McMansion law, crosswalks and safety, aging in place programs, and more. BNA has already heard from the Councilmember’s staff on many follow-up actions for the Bradmoor community. Thanks to all those who came out, including our friends from nearby neighborhood associations, and a special thanks to the new board members for volunteering to help make our neighborhood even better.

  • Survey Says…

In late September, BNA circulated a brief informal survey to get feedback from the neighborhood regarding the types of social events and activities that were of most interest. Thank you to all those who took a few minutes to provide feedback and an even greater thank you to those who offered to volunteer to help with them. Read the results.

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