BNamelogoWelcome to the Bradmoor Neighborhood Association (BNA) website. Started in 2012, the volunteer-run association is up and running and encourages all residents to join the association. The goal of the association is to help create a greater sense of community through events that bring neighbors together and to improve the community through safety, beautification, and other improvement projects.
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News of Note:

BNA Annual Neighborhood Meeting.  The Bradmoor Neighborhood Association (BNA) will be holding its annual neighborhood meeting on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, in the All-Purpose Room of Bradley Hills Elementary School, 8701 Hartsdale Avenue.  The meeting will begin at 7:30 pm.

  • Guest Speaker:  Our guest speaker will be Officer Dana Stroman, a Community Outreach Officer with the Montgomery County Police Department.  Officer Stroman will talk about crime prevention and the most recent statistics for MCPD’s Second (Bethesda) District.  In addition, she will discuss automobile break-ins, which is a frequent crime in Bradmoor, and animal control issues, including the rights and responsibilities of dog owners.
  • Elections:  The BNA will hold elections for several open positions on the BNA board:  president, secretary, and up to three at-large positions.  To be eligible for a board position, one must be a Bradmoor resident and a current member of the BNA.  For those interested in running for any of the open board positions, please send an email to aspess12@gmail.com for more information.
  • Q & A Session:  We will reserve time for a general discussion and question and answer session with members of the BNA’s sidewalk committee regarding the recent BNA sidewalk application.  New business items are also welcome.

BNA Sidewalk Application.  On behalf of several Bradmoor homeowners, the BNA filed an application to install sidewalks on several Bradmoor street segments.  The BNA filed its application with the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) on February 12, 2019.  The street segments are:

  • 8500 and 8600 blocks of Ewing Drive (both sides of the street)
  • The south side of Folkstone Road between Ewing Drive and Bradmoor Drive
  • The south side of Folkstone Road between Bradmoor Drive and Irvington Ave
  • The west side of the 8500 block of Hempstead Ave (the BNA previously endorsed a 2017 sidewalk installation request filed by a Hempstead Ave homeowner for the east side of the 8600 block of Hempstead Ave–see item below)
  • The south side of Madison Street between Irvington Ave. and Hartsdale Ave

Support for Sidewalk Installation on the 8600 Block of Hempstead Ave.  In an October 24, 2018 letter to the MCDOT, the BNA expressed its support for the installation of a sidewalk on the east side of the 8600 block of Hempstead Avenue.  The application for this sidewalk installation was filed in 2017 by an 8600 Hempstead block homeowner.  The principal of Bradley Hills Elementary School (BHES) and the president of the BHES PTA also sent letters in support of the sidewalk installation.

Request for Traffic Study of Greentree Road & Ewing Drive Intersection.  This past summer, a Ewing Drive homeowner submitted an email to the BNA president expressing concerns about the safety of the Greentree Road – Ewing Drive intersection, particularly for vehicles attempting to turn west on Greentree after traveling north on Ewing Drive.  After preliminary discussions with a MCDOT traffic safety engineer, the BNA, in a November 12, 2018 email, requested that the MCDOT conduct a traffic study to determine the feasibility of installing an all-way stop control (four stop signs) at the intersection.

Beautification Committee.  In October 2018, the BNA’s beautification committee organized the planting of approximately 1,000 daffodil bulbs and a few tulip bulbs in the median strip of the 8400 Bradmoor Drive block and in the grassy area of the Bradmoor Drive-Roosevelt Street traffic circle.  This effort complements the 2017 project that planted about the same number of daffodil bulbs in the median strip of the 8600 Bradmoor Drive block.

Installation of Two Speed Humps on the 8700 Block of Bradmoor Drive.  On July 11-12, 2018, the MCDOT installed two speed humps on the 8700 block of Bradmoor Drive.  The installation of these two speed humps is the culmination of a multi-year effort by the BNA to enhance both pedestrian and traffic safety on this busy segment of Bradmoor Drive.  Please see the Traffic and Safety Committee page for more details (under the Committees & Utilities Liaison tab).

BNA Sponsored Neighborhood Directory.  Through AtoZ Connect, the BNA has published neighborhood directories in 2015 and 2017 and has established and maintains an online neighborhood directory.  The link to the online directory is:  https://atozdirectories.com/home.

Directions.  To log onto the online directory, the user name is the house number and street name combined (for example, 8500bradmoor).  The temporary password is the street number (thus, 8500).  Once the main screen appears, click on the “My Household” tab if you want to edit your listing (e.g., adding or changing email addresses and phone numbers) or change your temporary password (recommended but not required).  Click on the “Edit” button to open the various fields; once changes are made, click the “Save” button.  To add family members, click on the “Inline Add” box and fill in the applicable fields.  There is also a user guide that is accessible via the “Help” tab.

To view another resident’s listing or see how your listing will look to a third party, click on the “My Directory” tab and enter the street number and street in the applicable search boxes to bring up the desired address.  Then click on the small magnifying glass icon in the gray rectangular box that contains the resident’s name.


Membership in BNA is only $25/year per household and is done on a rolling 12-month basis.  The neighborhood boundaries shown on this website were conservatively drawn in 2012 and may not encompass the entire neighborhood.  If your property tax records indicate that your residence is in Bradmoor, then you are a Bradmoor resident.  For those Bradmoor residents who are not current members, you can join the BNA by check or through Paypal, Click here to join. 

The BNA uses the annual fees to cover the costs of neighborhood-wide events such as the annual neighborhood block party (usually held in the early summer), to pay for meeting space (e.g., neighborhood meetings to discuss traffic calming measures), and to pay for fees to host the BNA website and membership in the Montgomery County Civic Federation.

Page last updated on February 17, 2019.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Maria,

    I’m the acting president of the BNA. Right now we a in a bit of a transition period. We would love to have you join the BNA and I may be able to offer some advice on your situation regarding your neighbor. Please note, however, that the BNA is not a homeowners association and it does not have any zoning or permitting authority. As I am not particularly tech savvy, the best way to communicate would either be by email. Please email me at aspess12@gmail.com.

    Thank you,

    Andrew Pessin
    Acting President, BNA

  2. A huge thank you to all our neighbors who planted the daffodils last year on Bradmoor, they are starting to bloom and they simply look gorgeous!
    We appreciate your hard work.
    Rima 5910 Folkstone Rd

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