The Bradmoor Neighborhood Association was created by the residents and homeowners of the Bradmoor neighborhood in August 2012 for the purpose enhancing, preserving and promoting the harmony, safety and the quality of life of the residents of the Bradmoor neighborhood and preserving and improving the values of the properties within the Bradmoor neighborhood. Read the by-laws of the Bradmoor Neighborhood Association, the 2013 Annual Reportand the 2014 Annual Report.

Primary activities include:

  • Fostering a greater sense of community though a range of activities including networking, social activities, and events;
  • Facilitating communication on issues of interest or concern to those residing in the Bradmoor neighborhood for the  benefit  of the neighborhood as a whole and providing an organized forum for residents of the Bradmoor neighborhood for working to identify, discuss, and resolve issues of local or neighborhood concern;
  • Improving the Bradmoor neighborhood by organizing, promoting, fundraising for, or conducting safety, beautification, and other improvement projects; and
  • Advocating and representing the interests of the Bradmoor neighborhood before county, state, or federal agencies, commercial interests, adjoining neighborhood associations, or any other entities.

Current Board and Officers:

President:  Andrew S. Pessin

Vice President:  vacant

Treasurer: Kathleen Stetson

Secretary:  Sally Pessin

At-large Board Members:

Koli Banik

Morgan Fishman

Ben Jabara

Bradmoor Listserve

The Bradmoor Neighborhood Association (BNA) maintains the Bradmoor Listserve (BradmoorN@yahoogroups.com), although membership in the BNA is not required to join the listserve.

If you would like to join the listserve, please visit the Listserv’s Home Page found at: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/bradmoor.  Click the link that says ‘ Apply for membership’.   A pop-up will show up.  Click ‘apply to join this group’

Or send a blank email to: Bradmoor+subscribe@googlegroups.com

This page last updated on February 11, 2018.

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