Committees & Utilities Liaison

The Bradmoor Neighborhood Association (BNA) currently has a Traffic & Safety Committee, Beautification Committee, Sidewalk Committee, Social & Events Committee, and a Membership Committee, some of which have open chair or co-chair positions.  The BNA also a utilities liaison that serves as the BNA’s liaison with the three primary utility companies that provide services to our neighborhood, PEPCO, Washington Gas, and WSSC.

If you are interested in participating, please email the key contact listed below (if the name is not linked, please go to the “Contact the Association” page of the website for more information).  Please also get in touch with the Association if there are other committees you think are needed or you would like to help form.

Traffic and Safety Committee:

Co-Chair:  Andrew Pessin
Co-Chair:  Kathleen Stetson
Beautification Committee:

Chair:  Jed Meline
Co-Chair:  Position Open

Sidewalk Committee:

Chair:  Liz Hicks

Social and Events Committee:

Chair:  Jennifer Jabara

Membership Committee:

Chair:  Bill Wakefield

Utilities Liaison:

Liaison:  Maryann Brondi

This page last updated on July 28, 2018

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