Beautification Committee

The Bradmoor Neighborhood Association’s Beautification Committee is chaired by Jed Meline and is currently looking for a co-chair.  If you’re interested in the co-chair position or just want to get involved, please contact Jed.

Fall 2017 Daffodil Planting!

The BNA’s Beautification Committee plans to host to host a neighborhood event to plant daffodils in the median on the 8600 block of Bradmoor Drive (between McKinley Street and Madison Street).  The event will be a fun way to get together in the Fall and make our neighborhood a little brighter.  The planting is scheduled for Saturday, October 14.  The daffodils are intended to naturalize and return each spring.  The County has approved the Beautification Committee’s planting of daffodils.

BNA is hoping to raise the funds to pay for the bulbs and other materials needed.  Contributions are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution.  However, the Beautification Committee can print a sign to go in the median noting the support of any person or business that contributes $125.00 or more .

To contribute go to:

And regardless of whether you contribute or not, please join us in October to help plant.

If you have any questions, please contact the Chair of the BNA Beautification Committee, Jed Meline if you have any questions (

December 2013 Beautification Updates

Members of the BNA Beautification Committee have been very active and engaged with County officials on a number of issues regarding Bradley Park next to the school.

  • Cistern: As you may have already noticed, the water cistern has been moved to directly behind the community garden. This was to make it ADA accessible and a paved path will be constructed from the sidewalk to the water spouts on the cistern. Also, wood fencing or lattice work will be installed on the Madison and Hartsdale Street sides by the county to help screen the cistern from view.
  • Playground: During the next month, Bradmoor neighborhood residents should see more changes. Construction is finally expected to begin on a new playground. The delay was because the playground must be relocated. It will be moved to the south end of the park near Madison Ave. Committee volunteers met with Montgomery County Parks personnel including their arborist who said that the existing location cannot be used because new safety rules require that the wood chip base be 18 inches deep to cushion falls and include a water drainage system be installed below that. The arborist felt that this work would damage the five large shade trees around the current location.Once the new playground is built, a 6-foot high fence will be erected to separate the playground from the soccer/lacrosse fields. We are hoping to obtain the plans for the new location and will post them on this site once we have them. Also, the playing fields will be shifted further north to remain regulation size. The Committee asked that picnic tables and game tables be installed in the shaded areas under the trees where the playground is currently located. This should be a welcoming gathering place for families.
  • Water Fountain: In addition, BNA has requested that funding for the installation of a water fountain at the playground be included in the draft of the next County Improvement Plan (CIP). Huntington Terrace Citizens Association joined us in this request. Installing a water fountain is a significant expense. Should this inclusion be approved and funded it could be a year or more before this work would begin. Read the full letter requesting the fountain here.

Bradley Hills Elementary School: Landscaping Plans

While it still looks like a construction zone now, Bradley Hills Elementary School construction will be completed in the coming months.  Landscaping and tree planting will play a large role in helping to make sure the new addition blends well into the neighborhood.  The charts below show what plantings will be used on the school property and where they will be planted. BHES Landscape Plans Page 1 BHES Landscape Plans Page 2

Playgrounds, Playgrounds, Playgrounds!

Playground_Layout_ThumbnailIn addition to the playground that will be installed at BHES, Montgomery County is planning on replacing the playground on park property adjacent to the school (see map). The existing playground will be removed and a completely new playground will be installed in its place.  It will include playground equipment to meet the needs of children from ages 2 to 12, such as swings, play structures, and smaller freestanding pieces of equipment such as spring rockers or spinning elements. Read more from Montgomery County View Layout Plan

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