Traffic and Safety Committee

The Bradmoor Neighborhood Association’s Traffic and Safety Committee is co-chaired by Kathleen Stetson and Margery Shanoff. We encourage you to participate and help create a collaborative, informed process. If a number of us do a little, it will be a stronger team effort.

Outcomes of Community Meeting with County on Traffic on Bradmoor 

On May 29, BNA hosted an open community meeting with Traffic Engineer Kyle Liang to discuss the County proposal to reduce traffic volume and speed on Bradmoor Drive.  Mr Liang walked through the results of the speed and volume study from last fall as well as the County proposal to install bump outs along Bradmoor.  He outlined why the County proposes this approach.  He also introduced an option to install a traffic circle at the intersection of Bradmoor and Roosevelt.  The participants asked questions about the proposal and some of the alternatives that have been raised. BNA will soon be launching a survey to gauge community opinion regarding the County proposal and some alternatives for Bradmoor Drive as well as seeking input on other areas of concern regarding traffic in the neighborhood that are not addressed by the County’s proposal.

BNA to Host Traffic Q&A session with County on May 29 at 7 p.m.

The BNA Traffic and Safety Committee has been working for almost two years to address traffic and safety issues in our neighborhood. As a result of Committee action, the County has proposed to make changes to Bradmoor Drive to address the most severe issues. A description of the plan is below. BNA will host a informal conversation or question and answer session with the County engineers to discuss the proposal on May 29 at 7 p.m. in the library at Bradley Hills Elementary School. This and all public BNA events is open to anyone in the neighborhood, regardless of BNA membership. In June, BNA currently plans to conduct a survey of the neighborhood to determine the Association’s position on the proposal. We urge all those interested to attend and ask that you also inform your neighbors who may not be BNA members or on the neighborhood listserv about the Q&A session.

County Proposal for Bradmoor Drive:

To address the speed issues identified during recent traffic and volume studies (for more info click here), the County proposes to install curb extensions or bump outs in 4 locations on Bradmoor Drive:

Roosevelt intersection

The south side of Folkstone

Madison intersection

Mid-block between Madison and Folkstone

There are other areas where BNA has raised traffic and safety issues with the County that are not addressed with this proposal. The Traffic and Safety Committee is continuing to pursue these. If you would like to help with these efforts and become a part of the Traffic and Safety Committee,  please contact co-chairs Kathleen Stetson and Margery Shanoff.

Read more about the proposal…

Traffic and Safety Committee Update: Spring 2014

In the spring of 2013, the BNA Traffic & Safety Committee sought input from the community regarding traffic concerns and identified four traffic “hotspots” that the Association raised with Montgomery County (see the April 2013 letter to County). The Committee then coordinated with County officials to schedule “tube tests” at four corresponding locations in the neighborhood; these were conducted in mid-November 2013. Tube tests measure both traffic volume and speed over a 48-hour period. The results are shown here.

Based on the tube tests, the County is developing options for addressing traffic concerns on Bradmoor Drive. BNA is in the process of scheduling a community meeting with County Officials so the County can present their concept to the community and answer questions. As soon as the meeting is scheduled, we will let the Bradmoor neighborhood know so all interested can attend. BNA has not yet developed a position regarding the County’s proposal or additional specific recommendations regarding traffic calming measures in our neighborhood.

Please note the County proposal as currently drafted does not address concerns regarding traffic on McKinley St., which were raised in the letter, as the speed results fall one MPH below the County’s threshold for action. The Traffic and Safety Committee has requested that the County conduct a radar speed study for a more accurate assessment of the speed issues on McKinley Street.

Traffic and Safety Committee Update: Fall 2013

The Traffic and Safety Committee has met several times to plan and implement a participatory strategy for addressing Bradmoor’s traffic concerns. We have researched the county traffic calming measures so we can better understand our options. We have had several conversations with County traffic engineers to identify the locations and types of speed and volume tests.

Based on community input of traffic hot spots and the spring walk-through with the County engineers, four locations were selected for testing:
Three sites on Bradmoor Drive, including between Bradley Blvd. and Roosevelt St., between Roosevelt and McKinley, and between McKinley and Folkstone.
The fourth site was on McKinley St. and Hempstead. The tests were conducted in mid-November.

The County is assessing the results and the Traffic and Safety Committee will confer with the County engineers on appropriate and possible traffic calming measures for Bradmoor. These results and options will then be shared with the neighborhood for input.

Traffic and Safety Committee Update: Summer 2013 

The Traffic and Safety Committee met in June and August. In June, we addressed how to create a participatory process to engage as much of the neighborhood as possible in identifying and selecting options to address traffic and safety concerns. The Committee decided on a number of steps  including: developing “neighborhood specialists” in some of the main options; to create “Information Sheets” that include the pros and cons of major traffic calming options; hosting an all-hands community meeting to discuss the options; and a survey so everyone will be able to express their preferences.

In August, the Committee reviewed the progress on the Info Sheets and best of all, Kathleen Stetson has volunteered to serve as the Co-Chair of the Traffic & Safety Committee! The Committee could use help with these and it’s something that can be done to fit in with your schedule. If interested in helping, please contact Kathleen.  We would especially like to have some volunteers who could spend a little time in the next 6-8 weeks in preparation for an early October traffic meeting.

Safe Routes to Schools Improvements

On July 23, 2013—following up on the June 25 Safe Routes to School Walk-Through—BNA received a letter from the Montgomery County Division of Traffic Engineering and Operations.  The letter, which follows below, lists in detail the improvements that will be made, ideally before school starts in the end of August.  Read the full letter:


Letter from Jean E. Gries, Planning Specialist, Traffic Engineering Studies Section:

This is to advise you that I have completed the school traffic safety assessment for Bradley Hills Elementary School. The following recommendations have been approved and will be implemented as soon as work schedules and weather accommodate.

1) Existing crosswalks will be refurbished. (Many of them have already been completed.)

2) Installation of pavement markings at the following locations:

  • Stop lines on Rayburn Road at Folkstone Road, at McKinley Street and at Roosevelt Street
  • Stop lines on Irvington Avenue at McKinley Street
  • Stop lines on all four legs of the intersection of Irvington Avenue/Roosevelt Street
  • At intersection of Hempstead Avenue/McKinley Street, a stop line on both legs of Hempstead Avenue and ladder bar crosswalk lines on the south leg of Hempstead Avenue and on the west leg of McKinley Street (including school crosswalk and advance school crosswalk signs for the new crosswalk)
  • Stop line on Hempstead Avenue at Roosevelt Street
  • Stop line on Garfield Street at Roosevelt Street
  • Crosswalk and stop line on both legs of Jefferson Street at Lincoln Street
  • Crosswalk and stop lines on both legs of Jefferson Street at McKinley Street
  • Crosswalk and stop line on Jefferson Street at Roosevelt Street
  • Intersection of Southwick Street/Grant Street, a stop line on each leg of intersection and crosswalk on the north and east legs of the intersection
  • Intersection of Grant Street/McKinley Street, a stop line on each leg of the intersection and crosswalk on the south leg of the intersection
  • Crosswalk and stop line on Grant Street at Roosevelt Street
  • Stop line on Glenwood Road at Irvington Avenue
  • Stop line on Pelham Road at McKinley Street and at Roosevelt Street
  • Stop line on Pelham Place at Pelham Road and at Ewing Drive
  • Stop line on Folkstone Road at Ewing Drive
  • Stop line on Lavin Lane at Ewing Drive
  • Stop line on Roosevelt Street at Ewing Drive
  • Stop lines on both legs of Roosevelt Street at Bradmoor Lane
  • Ladder bar crosswalk on Roosevelt Street at Garfield Street (including crosswalk and advance crosswalk signs)
  • Ladder bar crosswalk on Roosevelt Street at Jefferson Street (west leg) and stop line on both legs

3) Installation of “Speed Limit 25” sign on westbound McKinley Street west of Old Georgetown Road and eastbound between Bradmoor Lane and Irvington Avenue; on northbound Irvington Avenue at Huntington Parkway; and on eastbound Folkstone Road between Bradmoor Lane and Irvington Avenue.

4) Installation of “State Law-Stop for Pedestrians in Crosswalk” signs in the grass median at the marked crosswalk on Bradmoor Lane at Madison Street

5) Replacement of the old standard fluorescent yellow green pentagon school signs with the new standard version.

6) Construction at the following locations:

  • Curb extensions on Bradmoor Lane at Folkstone Road at the marked crosswalk
  • Curb extensions on the northwest and southwest corners of the intersection of Hempstead Avenue/McKinley Street, including ADA ramps/landing areas on the north, west, and south legs (this is in conjunction with installation of the new school crosswalk on McKinley Street)
  • A short sidewalk connection on the south side of Roosevelt Street to connect to the paved path opposite Garfield Street
  • An ADA ramp/land area on the east side of Garfield Street at Madison Street/Jefferson Street.
  • An ADA ramp and concrete connection on the south side of Roosevelt Street at Jefferson Street

7) Modification of the parking regulations on the streets adjacent to the Bradley Hills Elementary School site to accommodate new driveway locations.

8) Installation of a “Right Turn Only, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., School Days” sign on the student drop-off exit driveway onto Folkstone Road.

9) Elevation of foliage at numerous locations throughout the community.

The intent is to have the work completed before the start of the new school year; however, the reality is that some items may not be implemented until after the start of the new school year.

There are remaining concerns that you have discussed with Fred Lees and Kyle Liang and they will be following up on those items. It was a pleasure meeting with all of you.


Jean E. Gries, Planning Specialist
Traffic Engineering Studies Section
Division of Traffic Engineering and Operations
Montgomery County Department of Transportation

Safe Routes to School Subcommittee: June 25, 2013 Neighborhood Walk-Through

On Thursday, June 25, three members of the Bradmoor Neighborhood Association and two members of the Bradley Hills Elementary School (BHES) PTA Safety Committee met with two Montgomery County traffic engineers concerning safe pedestrian routes to school.

The initial stops were the intersections of McKinley Street and Hempstead Avenue, as well as McKinley and Irvington. The engineers expressed concerns on visibility problems at those intersections and felt that overgrown trees and shrubs should be cut back. They also commented on visibility problems from the commuter parking on both sides of McKinley Street and Garfield. The engineers would not rule out stop signs, but wanted to do a speed study. Other possibilities included curb “bump-outs,” painted cross-walks and yellow warning signs. They also thought a sidewalk on the west side of Hempstead would be reasonable to pursue. The engineers recommended that the neighborhood should identify trouble areas where sidewalks are needed, and then prioritize a list.

As we walked around the school, the engineers noted where crosswalks needed to be improved and intersections that did not have street signs. As we walked on Madison Street between Hartsdale and Bradmoor the engineers recognized a need for a sidewalk on the north side to connect Bradmoor Blvd. with the school.

We also walked through some areas of Huntington Terrace and saw where more painted crosswalks were needed as well as vegetation that should be cut back to improve visibility. The engineers also wanted to learn the exact new bus routes to the school and the impacts the routes could have on narrow streets by the school.

The engineers have submitted their report for internal review and will then make their recommendations known to the Bradmoor Neighborhood Association.

Read the full report

Neighborhood Walk-through Meeting Update

On Monday, May 6, 2013, a number of Bradmoor residents, including members of the Bradmoor Neighborhood Association’s Traffic and Safety Committee, walked the neighborhood with several county representatives to see and discuss first-hand the traffic trouble spots in Bradmoor. The trouble spots that had been identified in the last six months by residents in Bradmoor were visited. The county officials noted that many of the traffic calming measures the county uses generally must meet specific levels in county-administered speed and volume tests, e.g. stop signs, lateral turns, access restrictions and speed bumps. Some of these also require specified levels of neighborhood consensus. Other options, such as traffic circles and stop bars, do not have as stringent requirements and were also discussed. We were referred to the appropriate office for the Safe Routes to School program for students walking to BHES and bus stops. Thank you to those who provided input on traffic concerns and who joined the walk-through.

A follow-up letter sent to the county, further detailing the options can be read here.

If you would like to participate in addressing the neighborhood’s traffic concerns and options, please contact the Traffic and Safety Committee Chair, Susan Labin at  

Request for Traffic Calming Measures

On April 15, 2013, the Bradmoor Neighborhood Association sent a letter to Ken Hartman, Regional Director, Montgomery County B-CC. BNA has requested a walk-through of the neighborhood with a county engineer and members of the BNA Traffic Committee in order to provide an assessment of needed traffic calming measures.  The letter is a follow-up to the offers made by Executive Leggett and Mr. Hartman for the walk through.
Read the full letter here.

Traffic Safety Update

The Traffic and Safety Committee of the Bradmoor Neighborhood Association has been working for about four months. Over that time, we have gathered the traffic and other studies of the neighborhood we are aware of, sought input on concerns via the BradmoorN listerv, spoken with county traffic engineers and met with the BCC Services Center representative seeking advice. Some of the older studies/county inputs we have collected are posted here.

Our next step is to follow the suggestion we received from the county and ask the county engineers to review the neighborhood ” hot spots” with us in order to help identify possible solutions. We’ve requested that the community help us identify these “hot spots.” The ones that have been identified are (not listed in order of importance):

Bradmoor Dr.:

  1. From Bradley to Greentree and in particular from Madison to Folkstone and from Bradley Blvd to McKinley
  2. McKinley from Rayburn to Hempstead:
    Volume and speed
  3. Corner of McKinley and Rayburn:
    Disregard for stop sign coming north and turning east towards Bradmoor
  4. Corner of McKinley and Hempstead:
    Difficult visibility, history of car crashes, and difficult for BHES walkers to cross McKinley
  5. Corner of McKinley at Irvington:
    Difficult visibility, history of car crashes, and difficult for BHES walkers to cross McKinley
  6. Rayburn between Bradley Blvd. and McKinley:
    Volume from cut-through traffic (routing from GPS systems)
  7. Ewing below the traffic circles closer to Bradley:
  8. Hempstead between Greentree and McKinley:
    Clogged with parking during weekends
  9. Irvington and Madison
  10. Areas that are difficult for walkers in addition to some of those listed above including:
    Crossing Bradley at Rayburn; near BHES

If you are interested in joining the Traffic and Safety Committee, please let us know and we will add you to our list. Following input from the county, we will convene the next Traffic Committee meeting to discuss next steps.

Traffic and Construction News


In case you’ve wondered about the construction and traffic slowdowns on Greentree Road, the Bradmoor Neighborhood Association got in touch with the county. They are in the process of adding a sidewalk on Greentree Road from Old Georgetown Road (MD 187) to Fernwood Road.

The five-foot wide sidewalk will be on the north side of Greetree Rd. and will also include the installation of a retaining wall, curb and gutter, sidewalk ramps, driveways and expansion of the existing drainage system.

According to the county, construction will occur M-F from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. with temporary lane closures for short periods between 9a.m.-3p.m. The construction, which began in the Fall, will take approximately 14 months to complete. (updated Feb. 20, 2013)

 Read the Greentree Construction County Fact Sheet

View the Maps:    Map 1        Map 2        Map 3        Map 4

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