Traffic and Safety Committee

The Bradmoor Neighborhood Association’s Traffic and Safety Committee is co-chaired by  Kathleen Stetson and Margery Shanoff.  We encourage you to participate and help create a collaborative, informed process. If a number of us do a little, it will be a stronger team effort.

Construction of Bradmoor Drive/Roosevelt Street Traffic Circle.  The BNA membership present at the March 20th meeting voted, by voice vote, to approve the construction of a traffic circle or roundabout at the intersection of Bradmoor Drive and Roosevelt Street by the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT).  On April 12, 2017, MCDOT provided the BNA Traffic and Safety Committee with revised plans for the traffic circle.  MCDOT began and essentially completed construction of the traffic circle in October 2017.  Further work, including installation of lighting and possible changes to the signage may occur in late October or November 2017.

8700 Bradmoor Drive Block Traffic Calming Measures/November 7 Public Meeting.  In March 2017, the BNA Traffic and Safety Committee has formed a subcommittee to consider proposed traffic calming measures to the 8700 block of Bradmoor Drive (between Folkstone and Madison).  The 8700 block subcommittee consists of the standing BNA Traffic and Safety Committee membership and five homeowners of the 8700 block.

The subcommittee voted in August 2017 to approve the installation of two speed humps on the 8700 block.  In accordance with the applicable Montgomery County regulation, the BNA will hold a public meeting on November 7, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the All Purpose Room of Bradley Hills Elementary School to discuss the proposed speed hump installation, the requirement that 80% of all 8700 block homeowners must affirmatively vote for the speed hump installation, and the process for which the subcommittee will attempt to meet the 80% threshold.   

Ewing Drive Traffic Study Request.  The BNA , by email dated April 5, 2017, requested that MCDOT conduct a traffic study of the segment of Ewing Drive between Bradley Boulevard and McKinley Street.  Ewing Drive is a major “cut-through” route for traffic moving between the major east-west arterial routes of Bradley Boulevard and Greentree Road (Bradmoor Drive is the other major “cut-through” route in Bradmoor).  In addition to the volume, many vehicles appear to travel at speeds above the posted speed limit.  If MCDOT approves the traffic study, and if the results of the study show heavy traffic volume and/or speeding, then traffic calming measures may be warranted.  Please see related Roosevelt Street-Ewing Drive intersection item below.

Roosevelt Street-Ewing Drive Intersection.  MCDOT has prepared two conceptual drawings (drawing 1 and drawing 2) to narrow the Roosevelt Street and Ewing Drive intersection in order to improve safety.  The two drawings can be found here [add links].


This page last updated on November 4, 2017.



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